Q: What is Streaming TV? 
A: It is a new era of watching TV. Choose your favorite movie from a library of 100,00+. Watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show WITHOUT commercials. Watch virtually every sporting event. Watch Live Cable Channels. Watch PPV.


Q: What do I need?
A: Internet connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps, and a TV with HDMI port.  


Recommended: The FCC considers 10Mbps to 25Mbps reasonable for households that
stream video, but heavy data users might want even more robust connections of up to
50Mbps or more. The good news is that often you can upgrade from 25Mbps to 50Mbps
service for as little as $10 more per month. 
Check Your internet speed now ==>> http://www.speedtest.net/


Q: What if I don't have a TV with an HDMI Port?

A: You can get an HDMI Converter Cable or Box depending on your TV's video output.  Examples are shown below, and you can click the picture to purchase if you need that particular converter.








Q: Does this work worldwide/internationally?
A: Yes. This will work as long as you have WiFi OR Ethernet, and a TV with an HDMI port
(or TV that accepts convertible cables for an HDMI port
Q: Do I have to pay for any monthly service in order to watch cable or movies?
No.  You will not have to pay any monthly fees or service charges ever again, unless YOU CHOOSE to.  You don't need to pay for any of the cable channels or cable services other than you internet service to use this device.
Q: Is it easy to work?
A: Yes. We preconfigure the unit with the best add-ons and shortcuts to those add-ons. You can easily enable the other add-ons you may like with a click of the remote. We provide instructional videos and customer support whenever needed.


Q: Why choose my store to make your purchase?
A: We  have great feedback and want to keep it that way. You are guaranteed to get the add-ons you want. You are guaranteed to get the latest add-ons and not outdated ones. We offer fast delivery, we ship everything Priority Mail.   We care about my customers!

Q: Are there any other fees or monthly payments needed?
Q: How do I get my fully loaded stick?
A: Once you purchase your stick here                , We'll ship within 1 day to your shipping address provided via Paypal.





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