Loaded Stick

HOW does this Work?????


We install the software onto the box and then add the very latest addons (apps) to watch anything you can think of. The addons are constantly updated so you don’t have to worry about updates. All you have to do is connect the box to your internet, you can use WIFI or a LAN connection.  Once you open the software you can easily navigate the addons to watch content from any network, any TV show, sport or movie. We include easy to follow along instructional videos, and exceptional customer service via phone, live chat, FB Messenger, and Email.













What add-ons and where to go


ARE you a sports fan??? Then YOU start with Sports Devil - ESPN, ESPN 2, NBA on Demand, DigiTele Spors, Nascar, NFL, NBCSN

Movie BUFF?? Then you will love Exodus, SALTS, etc...

Love your latest TV shows??? Then Start with Exodus or Phoenix

TOP Quality ADD-ONS listed below installed.







What Does It Look Like?



















Software Installed on Fully Loaded Stick


We have add-ons that no-one else includes

-----------------Contains a database of almost all movies ever made. LIVE TV from the US and International stations.
 ----Get Live sport From all over the world including NFL, NHL, NBA, EPL, UFC, PPV etc...
---------------Library of new movies and TV shows from major networks and premium channels. Constantly updated
-----The latest Movies and TV shows plus Animated Cartoons from the last 75 YEARS!!!
----------------Access to ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, MY 9 etc…

MUCH, MUCH, More....









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